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Its takes a lot of qualities in a company to be truly successful and a strong drive to succeed is an absolute. Our team here at Longhorn is driven to win and always striving to be the benchmark.


From the top down, high character is a requirement here at Longhorn. We are selective regarding who we allow to become part of the team and we hold ourselves and our teammates accountable to a high standard. “If you want to go to the Super Bowl, you have to have a Super Bowl team”


We thrive on Challenge. Whether it be overcoming design challenges, implementing a new product line in a compressed timeline or looking for ways to improve processes to reduce cost or lead time to the customer, We stand ready.

The Mazak FG400 II laser
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The Mazak FG 400 II excels in the processing of an expanded range of shapes; including round, square and rectangular tubes as well as beam, channel and angle. We all know that the sawing process does not yield close tolerance, consistent results. So, if you are looking to eliminate difficult to control, time consuming processes such as sawing and downstream operations like machining holes and slots, drilling and tapping or notching then Longhorn Fabrication and its FG 400 II are your solution.

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Longhorn Fabrication
American Ingenuity at work


To earn the respect of our clients and provide an exceptional ‘Longhorn Experience’. We are dedicated to providing quality services that will exceed our customers’ expectations while promoting honesty, accountability and transparency in all that we do. Quality service driven by integrity.

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“No man becomes rich, unless he enriches others.”
-Andrew Carnegie

Committed to

your needs

Support is what we do. It’s not always just about the part component or assembly you are looking to have manufactured. It’s about support services like stock and release programs to get you extremely short lead times, assisting with opportunities to improve manufacturability of product, collaborating to reduce cost; from the part to transportation. It’s knowing what your customer needs are and helping them to achieve their goal. We call it service.